Wednesday, March 31, 2004

My ISP is a bit slow in repairing the signal problems I've been having since the 29th. I can't even watch TV without getting severe eye strain. So, I found the perfect activity to do while I'm waiting for the repair crew to arrive.

Taken by Micki, my wife. She's been snapping pictures left and right ever since she got that new phone of hers. The picture quality may not be on par with honest to goodness digital cameras but that may soon change later this year. Slap on a high quality video recorder and huge memory, you've got yourself a sure fire way of making money.

It's official. Summer is here! Think sauna, and you've got a pretty good idea how hot and humid it feels right now. And to think, it's 4:42 in the morning here.

Just imagine, election is drawing near. And as the temperature soars higher, tempers have a tendency to get shorter. I am confident that this season will prove to be a real blockbuster. And speaking of blockbuster, 'The Passion of Christ' just started showing here in the Philippines just in time for the Holy Week. Maybe the political candidates should watch this movie as a prerequisite for service in the government, and just maybe, they'll stop acting like a bunch of power-hungry, scheming monkeys.

I'm sure all of them have good reasons why they crossed party lines, probably a million reasons. Who knows?