Friday, December 24, 2004

The Show Must Go On...

Now that 'Da King' has been laid to rest, people might actually start and talk about something else. We have all been touched in some way by Fernando Poe Jr.; either through his movies, or through his acts of generosity.

Although I disagree with his decision to run for president, I've got to admire the guy for his achievements. Not many people like him around nowadays. In fact, I'm actually quite sad that he's gone. I look at him, and then I look at his best friend then I realize that life isn't fair at all.

Of course there are the usual politicos grandstanding, spouting off illogical statements. One even said that FPJ died because he was cheated in the elections and he took it really hard. That got me thinking that there could be some truth in that, but then I look at Miriam Defensor-Santiago and write that reasoning off as pure bull.

I watched the coverage of the last day of the wake. Several personalities gave their eulogies; some were endearing but the rest are downright dangerous. The speeches they made had no place in that church, it would be more at home at a rally or a demonstration. Out of respect for the departed, the least they could have done was wait out the forty days.

It's a good thing the man has been laid to rest. At last, he is finally at peace.


Monday, December 06, 2004

Tests and more tests...

Joey was kind enough to post a link to the quiz site. I some of the tests, and here are the results.