Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fear and Paranoia.

Yes, President Arroyo, they are out to get you.

I agree that putting the police force on red alert for the arrival of Mr. Estrada was a bit too much. On the other hand, if something did happen to him, the government will be in big trouble. If it were up to me, I would have just thrown his ass on the helicopter the moment he arrived. Screw the presscon/welcoming party at the VIP lounge at the airport, "Change in plans, sir." Well, they are only looking out for his welfare, after all.

Regarding Estrada's operation. Now, I've been under the knife with a simple knee operation. It was VERY painful once the painkillers wore off. It took me several weeks to walk properly once they've taken me off meds. What more with two radical knee operations on Estrada? I can just imagine how much painkillers they've shot into him to keep up with appearances. (Can I have some of what he's having?) For show, in keeping a strong front for his followers, I can understand why he had to walk off the plane and into the lounge.

Now that he's back, President Arroyo will have her hands full. I'm guessing, exposés and scandals; maybe even a rally or two. Talks about a united opposition doesn't impress me at all, they've never been able to smooth that kink out. In public, they will all be best of friends, of that you can be sure of. Expect to see press conferences of the opposition leaders shaking hands and patting each others backs. But like all alliances built on shaky foundations, it could easily crumble.

Simply put, find their weakness and exploit it.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Fearless Forecasts!

It seems that the media is going into it's fortune telling phase. With the number of tragedies the world has experienced last year, I'm sure that a lot of 'psychics' are saying, "I told you so."

So, without further ado, I have listed MY forecasts for the year 2005.

General -

1) An actor/actress will be involved in a road accident; his/her family will blame bad roads instead of admitting that the actor/actress was a stupid driver.

2) A sex video of someone famous will spread through the Internet, and dibidi boys in Quiapo, San Juan, and Marikina.

3) Several typhoons will hit the country but the Department of Education will not cancel classes on extremely rainy and flooded days, but on perfectly sunny weather after the storm has passed.

4) Someone famous will get someone else famous pregnant but will deny the fact until she gives birth citing the need for their privacy, except 9 months before, they took the sex video stated in Forecast 2 while doing something that caused Forecast 1 on a Forecast 3 day. Dumbasses.

Politics -

5) Following the trend, several actors and actresses will declare their intent to go into politics. I see a fat, has-been child actor, who ate one too many of his own pastry products, become more active in politics.

6) Several exposes will rock this administration, some will be quite big and damaging to the economy. But must of the exposes will revolve around the fact that a member of the First Family flashed the finger on a box of kittens. This will have animal rights activists up in arms with the help leftist and feminist groups. The feminist groups will retract their complaint, claiming they were misled by the animal rights activist stating, "After intensive research, we have concluded that the victims were actual cats, and not just a euphemism for something else." The leftist groups will still continue the protests, since they complain about everything anyway.

That's it for now...More next time. And, remember, I can see the future. And it doesn't look too good.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Weapons of Mass Distraction

It's a new year, and Filipinos know how to celebrate with style. Fireworks, and plenty of it. In fact, a reliable source told me earlier that several foreign security agencies have sent agents to keep a close eye on things. Probably to make sure that the fireworks being made can't be used as a weapon. If only they knew the real story...

Fire in the sky

Don't go into the light!

...And in other news: I went to the barber shop this morning to get a cut, but my regular barber had the day off. Oh well, there are so many juicy things you pick up in a barber shop.