Sunday, March 27, 2005

Highs and Lows...

Happy Easter, everyone.

I am nursing a very nasty case of the sniffles and it's the 'head-throbbing' variety, too. I probably got it from one of the kids during last week's graduation. So I spent most of my free time resting, playing video games or loafing around the house with my wife trying her best to get me to stay in bed. She could have done a better job at it if she used that cute pout of hers, too bad.

Even with this awful cold, I still have to go to work. We hosted a children's party at the Villa and, afterwards, a staff meeting. Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, my DJ decided that he wasn't going to work tonight. It was already 8:00 pm and still no sign of him, not even a phone call. Well, that was it, my head is throbbing and my business is getting affected by his absence. Luckily, we placed a quick phone call and a backup DJ arrives; everything is back to normal.

I'm too out-of-it to think about my next course of action, stupid 'no drowsiness' medicine. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to think up an appropriate punishment; his actions affected our operations so it will have to be quite serious. Now, where's the Queen of Hearts when you need her?

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Now, the second-guessing begins.

I should make a note to myself: "Skip the Editorial/Opinion section and go straight for the Comics, fool!"

Monday, March 14, 2005

Not again???

Well, the country made CNN again. The last line speaks the truth:
Philippine jails are often dilapidated, with inadequate and sometimes corrupt staff.
The local media is bleeding this story dry. I'm surprised they haven't interviewed the brother of our driver who watched the whole thing on TV while he was buying a pack of cigarettes.

Already, there are calls for the resignation of the head of the correctional facilities in the country. There's enough blame to go around, what they should do is to think of ways to prevent this from happening again.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

If only...

I've been looking around for webstores that sell model kits. And I found a couple of sites that come highly-recommended by friends and experts.

The first one is, they have one of the biggest selections I have ever seen. They sell anything from airplanes to figures, from paint to super-detailed accessories that make your projects, well, super-detailed. They carry products from different manufacturers, including Tamiya, Revell-Germany, Hasegawa, Academy and Verlinden.

The next site is Monsters in Motion. They carry mostly movie and TV themed items. They even carry life-sized collectibles such as the Alien warrior in Alien-Resurrection, a bronze Yoda and, my personal favorite, the rocket pack from the movie "The Rocketeer".

There's a hitch, though. They're pretty expensive, at least for the large items, but one can dream.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cop Shows?

Given the 'talent' of local TV stations in imitating popular foreign shows, I'm quite surprised they haven't done a localized version of CSI or even Law and Order. We already have our own version of American Idol and Fear Factor, but no cop shows. Aside from being good PR for the Philippine National Police (God knows they need it badly), it would be a good break from the Koreanovellas and other tear-jerk shows flooding the air waves today.

How hard would it be to adapt a script to fit the local scene? And speaking of scripts, is it that hard to fit a complete story in one hour? Perhaps the writers have gotten so used to the 'soap opera' mindset that they have lost their touch in story telling?

To go one step further, it would do the Armed Forces of the Philippines good if they have their own TV show; JAG and Navy NCIS anyone?

And since a majority of Filipinos believe what they see on TV and in the movies (if you need proof, look up Estrada, Poe, Lapid or Revilla on Google), perhaps it would boost the reputation of all agencies involved. Call it 'mind control social conditioning by proxy'.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No reply

Lately, I keep getting a lot of e-mail from strangers asking for assistance in getting vast amounts of money out of their country. It's either the wife of a president, a brother of a dictator or the daughter of the prime minister. Anyway, I decided to reply to one of the e-mail. Here's what I wrote:

"Dear Mrs. Xxxxx,

I am very sorry for your loss, and I would like to help you in whatever way I can. Although the millions I would gain from assisting you would certainly be most welcome, what interests me more is getting to know a fine lady such as yourself.

I have yet to meet anyone from an exotic country like yours, still I have been told that the women there are quite beautiful and are extremely talented in the ways of pleasuring men.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

It's been several days, and still no reply. So, I guess she's not interested. Oh well, I still have the princess and the brother to reply to.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Some more pictures.

A snapshot



Already placed my order.

Pictures of the Day.

Now, that's a real sports fan.

Too bad we didn't come up with this idea first.

The Trump, reborn.