Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pleasant Surprise

While channel surfing the other day, I chanced upon a test broadcast of a new channel. It's called Crime/Suspense. Wall to wall crime shows: Law and Order (from the looks of it, some of the spin-offs), Kojak 2005 (starring Ving Rhames), and Murder She Wrote!

Crime/Suspense is on channel 50 on SkyCable, and it's also airing in Destiny Cable.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Setec Astronomy

I signed my first Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) today. Our lawyers read it over and they said it's pretty airtight. Although I'm pretty sure I can say that I did, but I can't mention anything about what it's all about.


And so, for the next couple of weeks - I hope - I'll be quite busy. Which is good, since I probably won't have time to read the newspapers, or watch the news. I'm getting fed up with all the negativity: rallys, exposes, counter-exposes, Senate Inquiries, etc. Bahhh...

They'd probably have something on what I'm doing right now, though. Who knows? With my luck, our honorable Senators would probably want to stick their noses in my business, as well. That would be something:

"Senate Panel to investigate blogger in his involvement in secret deals."

Me: "I can't answer that, Senator Estrada. The NDA..."
Short-round: "Screw the NDA..."
Me: "No sir... Screw YOU!" - Smiling for the cameras while waving the 'one-fingered' salute.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. I'm going to look for something to eat, I'm hungry.

Pahabol - I'm trying a new gimmick... I've included two movie references in here. Feel free to look for 'em.