Monday, January 09, 2006

Wrong labels...

I've always wondered why news agencies favor one label over another.

Take for example the communist insurgents that decided to blow up several cell towers this past few months. The media stopped short of calling them terrorists, instead opting to play it safe with the tried and tested "communist rebels who have been staging an on going struggle with the government" or something similar.

Or perhaps the soldiers that took it upon themselves to attempt a change in government through violent means. What did the media call these soldiers again? "Disgruntled soldiers who have lost hope in the chain-of-command..."?

Even squatters have been given a politically-correct label - "informal settlers who are struggling to make a living in the city".

Whatever happened to the good old basic labels? Murderer, robber, jackass, saboteur, extortionist... Dropped out of fashion?

I propose we go back to our roots. Call them for what they are, instead of romanticizing them. Just like what one government official did during the height of the riots in France several months ago. He refused to call them by the "media-approved" label, instead, he called them for what they were... Criminals - and they were treated as such. Imagine that, a Frenchy kicking ass, instead of the other way around.

Picture the headlines:

- "Criminals attempted to blow up cell sites in Quezon province in extort try."

- "Criminals steal military equipment and hold Makati hostage."

In any case, look out for me, body half out the window of my car - arms flailing, screaming at a jackass who's doing 20 on a 80 lane, "Get off the fast lane, you f****** criminal!"

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Damn you... Damn you to hell!

There I was, patiently waiting for my turn at Bruno's in Eastwood a few days back when it happened. This girl sat beside me and started reading her magazine. I wouldn't have paid any attention to her except for that fact that she kept on coughing. Sure, she covered her mouth with her hands... By covered, I meant to say, not at all.

I tried holding my breath, but had to give up after a minute or so. Now, I'm at home with signs of the good old flu. It's a good bet that a good number of us who were in the barber shop already have it.

So, strange lady - whoever you are - here's a big fat finger from W, and from me.