Friday, May 26, 2006

And the Beat Goes On.

This just in.

The owners of National Bookstore and other bookstores all over Metro Manila are posting better than average income for the month of May, and it's all because of "The Da Vinci Code".

A saleslady at the National Bookstore branch in Megamall was quoted as saying, "I can't believe it. We had to place a re-order to the publishing house for several container vans worth of the book, as well as for Dan Brown's other book, 'Angels and Demons'." When asked why the sudden increase of interest for the book, she replied with a smile akin to that of Mona Lisa's.

In another part of the metro, I chanced upon a shoplady who was busy closing up her stall. Again, she had that same mysterious smile. I asked her why she's closing early.

"My stocks of DVDs ran out," she said, "I had the printers make a thousand covers of the movie "The Da Vinci Code" and placed blank CDs in the plastic along with the covers."

She probably sensed that I was a bit slow, so she continued, "There was this group going around the area a couple of days ago asking for DVDs of the film. They looked so creepy, suspicious lookin', you know the type?"

I shook my head. I thought that Mona Lisa smile of hers would disappear, but it didn't. "They looked like the type who would lecture other people on morality one day, and sleep with their best friend's wife the next." Ah, those types, I thought.

"Anyway," she continued, "when they approached me, I told them that I might be able to give them a thousand copies of the video if they came back today."

"And so they did, and I'm up P80,000. And they're burning blanks way over in Manila." Ah, so that explains the smile. I walked away bewildered, but content in the thought that in the end, everyone got what they wanted.


And now, I'm here right in the midst of the book-burning club. And I must say that still look quite dashing in my uniform, and my boots are so shiny I could see the underwear of the woman in front of me, or the lack of it. I noticed the guy beside me was also admiring my boots, and... I'll be damned, a male version of that Mona Lisa smile.

Getting Worked Up Over Nothing

My wife and I watched the controversial movie, "The Da Vinci Code", last weekend and I must say that the movie has left me confused.

I'm confused why people are up in arms over this movie. I thought it was like a present-day version of Indiana Jones (without the Nazis, snakes or horses). Like the book, I found it quite entertaining. You don't need to worry about the movie affecting your faith if you have an IQ of at least 20, well maybe, 10. Or if you can tell hot from cold, or if you can count to 3, or... You get the picture. It's all about foundations: if your faith is rooted on firm ground, nothing in the movie will lead you astray. But then again, Churchill once said: "History is written by the victors." *shocked* Oh, no!

In my opinion, an R-rating was a bit of too much. PG-13, maybe. The MTRCB blinked, but that's to be expected when you have religious groups breathing down your neck. Something for the MTRCB to think about: They're not as powerful as you think, these noisy fringe groups.

In any case, the DVD will soon be out but I doubt the bible-thumpers will be able to confiscate all of them. If they were able to do that, there's always the Internet. You can't stop the flow of information, baby.

Oh no, what about the books? They're threatening to burn those alongside the discs. Hell, I'm all for a good book burning, let me just get out my SS uniform out of the closet. Now, where did I put my boots?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I knew it...

It was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time. With more than five million subscribers to it's online game, World of Warcraft, Blizzard took the most logical next step.


And in other news, after nearly two weeks of having no cable TV, the Skycable crew finally dropped by and installed the digital cable boxes. The difference in picture quality between my old and new connections is remarkable. Everything's so crisp and clear, especially with the big TV downstairs. No more snow, and no more fuzzy lines scrolling up and down the screen.

Supposedly, with the new digital boxes, illegal cable connections will be minimized since each box has an Irdeto card (think simcard - the big one) with its own code. And without a cable box, you won't be able to watch anything but snow. No more free lunch, boys. (Related news)

The cable company's boasting that with these boxes, we can also personalize the channel lineup to our liking. In fact, I was asking the cable guy if I can get the movie package (the HBO Pak) right away. He probably wasn't paying attention, because he asked if I wanted to get the adult movie package, aha! (Maybe later)

What's next? Maybe a PVR (ala TiVo)? More U.S. channels: SciFi Channel, Fishing Channel...?