Thursday, June 21, 2007

Idle Hands...

Way back in grade school, our art teacher gave us a block of clay to fool around with. This was real clay, the type used in making pottery. She gave us until the end of the period to sculpt a person playing any type of sport: basketball, baseball, etc. I decided to create a figure in the classic fencing pose with a toothpick to serve as his sword. The end product was a fairly decent work and I got a 97 for my effort.

Years later, I still like to create things, with most of my attention focused on scale models. I have completed dozens of kits since Grade 3, some have even been displayed in libraries and expos. Although I consider myself skilled, my talents pale in comparison with these extremely gifted individuals:

1) Michael Fictenmayer
2) 3Demonic
3) Gamera Baenre - Don't forget to click on the Completed Figures as well.

Then there are those who can create great works from regular objects normally found in a kitchen or an office. Take Patrick Laurensis' robot creation.

Yup, I still have a long way to go. *sigh*